Only days after the International Day to End Violence against Women, Amanda Echanis, daughter of murdered peasant leader Randall “Ka Randy” Echanis, together with her newborn, Baby Randall, was illegally arrested under false charges of possession of firearms and explosives in the Cagayan Valley region.  She is an organizer with the peasant women group, AMIHAN,  an artist, and a mother.  Amanda’s arrest is a direct attack on all Filipina women and children in the Philippines and abroad.  GABRIELA USA demands the immediate and unconditional release of Amanda Echanis and Baby Randall.


In the long list of human rights violations under Duterte’s fascist government, the illegal arrest of Echanis and her one-month old child is not the first illustration of the sheer disregard for the concerns of peasant and working class women or their children. It has only been weeks since Baby River, the three-month old daughter of human rights activist and Kadamay member Reina Mae Nasino, died after being separated from her mother, who was arrested under the same false pretenses as Echanis.


“Women and mothers in the Philippines are faced with a global pandemic and dealing with the aftermath in the wake of typhoons Rolly and Ulysses,” said Irma Shauf-Bajar, “ now illegally arresting and jailing a mother with her newborn. Instead of concerning itself with the welfare of the entire Filipino nation, Duterte focuses time, energy and resources on these targeted and fascist attacks against defenders of human rights in the Philippines.”


The Philippine Commission on Human Rights has appealed to the Philippine National Police to give due consideration to Echanis’ newborn son while treating her humanely as the case is being processed.


“Considering that Echanis just gave birth, CHR reminds concerned authorities to give primordial consideration to the welfare of the one-month old baby as required by the United Nations Rules for the Treatment of Women Prisoners and Non-Custodial Measures for Women Offenders or the Bangkok Rules,” CHR said in a statement posted on its social media accounts.


This government’s pattern of attacks and arrests comes at a time of an intensifying campaign against activists and the sustained red-tagging of progressive groups.  We must continue to denounce these heinous crimes by Duterte amidst the ever worsening crisis under the current global pandemic and in the aftermath of two major calamities that have hit the archipelago.  GABRIELA USA joins in the demand for the immediate release of Amanda Echanis and baby Randall. We will settle for no less than their freedom.







GABRIELA USA Denounce Terror-Tagging of Their National Leaders By Duterte Government

For Immediate Release
September 12, 2020

Reference: Irma Shauf-Bajar, Chairperson GABRIELA USA,


GABRIELA USA Denounce Terror-Tagging of Their National Leaders By Duterte Government


GABRIELA USA denounces the terror- tagging and doxxing of its National Executive Committee members. Photos of GABRIELA USA’s national leaders with names and titles along with labels tagging them as “Terrorists” were released and circulated on Facebook shared by Lorraine Badoy, (Undersecretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office) and FaceBook pages “For the Global Public” and “Enlightened Youth.” This act of labeling and terror-tagging endangers the lives and security of our leaders and organizations.


In the last few months, there has been massive  posting and sharing of memes, posters, and statements on social media such as Facebook terror-tagging Duterte’s critics and members of progressive organizations in the Philippines and overseas. These  posts are not unique to the Duterte government and are used to spread fake news to target journalists, critics, and activists. The online attacks against these people and organizations such as GABRIELA USA comes at the heels of continuous news of extrajudicial killings and heightened attacks against human rights defenders and leaders of people’s organizations who have been outspoken against Duterte’s facism and neglect of the Filipino people. 


“We are outraged but not surprised at this attack on GABRIELA USA. We have been outspoken and consistent in efforts to expose Duterte’s Anti-Terror Law which allows the regime’s ongoing macho-fascist attacks on Women and the Filipino people. We trust the public to be more discerning and critical enough to know the main motive of the terror-tagging by Duterte’s administration is to silence us, but we will not be silent,” states Irma Shauf-Bajar, Chairperson of GABRIELA USA.


GABRIELA USA urges all to join us to continue to fight for national democracy and genuine liberation of the Philippines, to advance the militant women’s movement, and fight against the U.S.-Duterte Regime’s fascism and attacks on the Filipino people. Organize with us and join the Defend GABRIELA Campaign! Join a GABRIELA USA chapter near you and  the most marginalized of Philippine society to take action against ongoing harassment, doxxing, and false information. 

Fight false information by reporting accounts sharing and creating terror-tagging posts on social media platforms!


Defend GABRIELA! Defend Filipino Women!

Stop the Attacks on Human Rights Defenders!

Junk the Anti-Terror Law!

Activism is Not Terrorism!

OUST Duterte Now!


Hustisya Para Kay Bae Milda Ansabo

GABRIELA USA condemns the brutal killing of Indigenous Manobo Tribe leader Bae Milda Ansabo on Aug 23rd in North Cotobato. Bae Milda was a leader in protecting indigenous peoples’ culture and in defending the ancestral land of the Manobo peoples from imperialist plunder and continued illegal logging. 

Reports state Bae Milda was shot from behind, her throat slashed, and her eyes were removed. GABRIELA USA demands the protection of indigenous peoples’ lives, rights and land. The perpetrators of Bae Milda’s heinous murder must be identified and prosecuted and we hold Philippine President Duterte ultimately responsible for creating a culture of impunity, especially with his recently passed Anti-Terror Act. We call for justice for Bae Milda, the end of the Anti-Terror Act and the ouster of macho-fascist dictator Duterte!

Justice for Ka Randy Echanis!

August 11, 2020
For Immediate Release
Reference: Irma Shauf-Bajar, Chairperson, GABRIELA USA


GABRIELA USA denounces the extrajudicial killing of Randy Echanis, 72, an elderly peasant activist and NDFP Peace Consultant. Ka Randy was murdered in his home on August 10th. The Duterte Regime has continued to show complete disregard and callousness towards the life and legacy of Ka Randy by confiscating his remains in the dead of the night and depriving his family of peace and the right to mourn. We condemn this brutal attack on human rights defenders. We send our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones and commit to the continual fight for justice for Ka Randy.

The life of Ka Randy was in full service to the people. As  a long-time consultant of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), Ka Randy was also a member of the NDFP Reciprocal Working Committee on Socio-Economic Reforms. He actively participated during the 2016-2017 peace talks with the Duterte administration that tackled Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reforms (CASER).

He was also the Deputy Secretary General of militant peasant organization, Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas. He spearheaded  nationwide campaigns for genuine agrarian reform including free land distribution to Filipino farmers.He was instrumental in the crafting the Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill (GARB).

Despite a global pandemic, state-sponsored death squads continue to target activists and human rights defenders, like Echanis. As Duterte’s Terror Law will continue to serve as a death order for activists, GABRIELA USA will continue to fight for justice for Echanis and other victims of state-sponsored violence!



BAYAN USA, Migrante USA, Gabriela USA and Anakbayan-USA vehemently condemn Rodrigo Duterte’s signing of the unconstitutional Anti-Terror Bill. While it is no surprise that Duterte has signed the bill into law, we are outraged by the implications this Anti-Terrorism Law will have on the Filipino movement for liberation and democracy, and the dangers it imposes on Filipinos across the world. The bottom line is, this law allows the government to tag anyone who expresses dissent against the Duterte regime as terrorists, no matter how legitimate their concerns and demands are. We have already seen political repression through mass arrests amplify under the COVID19 lockdown conditions and can only expect the fascism under Duterte to worsen under this law.

This latest move toward consolidating Duterte’s dictatorship gives us all the more reason to continue fighting and elevating our struggle to newer heights. We must remember who fears whom. It is Duterte who fears the power of the Filipino people who are already fed up with the government’s utter neglect and outright political repression. We must exhaust all means to put a brake on its implementation before the 15-day waiting period lapses. We must persevere in educating our families, communities, elected officials and allies on the foreseeable impacts of the law on Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad. We must quickly and creatively disseminate all forms of condemnation in the streets, online and everywhere to register the people’s united voice against Duterte’s fascism and his looming dictatorship.

Even when this law comes into effect in 15 days, the people will continue to fight the US-Duterte regime and the rotten system that it represents. If the history of the Filipino people has proven anything, it is that dictators have never determined the destiny of our country. Rather, they have only expedited the people’s struggle for genuine democracy and social change.

We call on all Filipinos in the U.S. to channel our rage against Duterte’s fascism and ultimately our love for our people toward revolutionary collective action. It is the unity and organized strength of the Filipino people that will topple the Duterte regime once and for all, toward achieving genuine independence, democracy and the socialist alternative that our movement has struggled for for decades.

BAYAN USA joins the Malaya Movement and the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines – US (ICHRP-US) in an emergency online protest rally tonight at 5:30pm P/8:30pm E to condemn this fascist move of the US-Duterte regime. We will highlight how we can rise up collectively to resist and take action. Together, we can show the Philippine government that Filipinos and their allies all over the U.S. are united against the fascist Anti-Terror Law!

Register now:

Date: July 3, Friday
Time: 530pm PT · 730pm CT · 830pm ET









RESIST homophobia, transmisogyny and violence against women, RESIST US militarization, and UNITE for genuine liberation, safety, and self-determination!

For Immediate Release

June 28, 2020

Reference: Irma Shauf-Bajar, National Chairperson, GABRIELA USA,

RESIST homophobia, transmisogyny and violence against women, RESIST US militarization, and UNITE for genuine liberation, safety, and self-determination!

Members of GABRIELA USA send our unwavering love, commitment, and support for LGBTQGNC+ rights on this pride weekend 2020. We affirm the important role of LGBTQGNC+ people in the struggle against gender-and sexuality-based violence, exploitation, and discrimination as well as the struggle against poverty, foreign intervention, and the ever-worsening global economic crisis. We raise our fists in solidarity and will continue to fight alongside trans, gender non conforming, and non-bianry people of color who have suffered at the hands of state violence, police brutality and the prison industrial complex, to U.S. militarization abroad. 

We call on our Filipino people in the U.S. to join us to continue to fight and defend LGBTQGNC+ right to live in dignity, free from all forms of violence and repression.  The legacy of the Compton Cafeteria riot in San Francisco and  Stonewall Rebellion in NYC  is not over until all marginalized sectors of the Trans, Queer and GNC communty have justice, freedom and liberation. 

We also urge everyone to stand with us in the urgent demand for the immediate release of 20 Pride Protestors from Bahaghari, GABRIELA, and other LGBTQ+ allies that were arrested in the Philippines this weekend on June 26, 2020.  The protesters were speaking out to demand free COVID testing, respect for LGBTQ+ people, and demanded an end to state-sponsored human rights violations, and the impending Anti-Terrorism Act. This fascist attack on the Pride 20 protestors is one example of why we need to resist Duterte’s repressive regime against freedom, democracy, and basic human rights.

Let us continue to RESIST homophobia, transmisogyny and violence against women, RESIST US militarization, and UNITE for genuine liberation, safety, and self-determination!

End Violence Against Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, and Non-Binary People! Justice for All Victims of Transphobia, Militarization, and State Violence!

Support Black Trans women and Trans migrants! 

Free the Pride 20!

GABRIELA USA condemns the arrests of members of GABRIELA, Bahaghari and other LGBTQI+ advocates while commemorating International Pride Month in the Philippines!

GABRIELA USA condemns the arrests of members of GABRIELA, Bahaghari and other LGBTQI+ advocates while commemorating International Pride Month in the Philippines!


For Immediate Release

June 27, 2020

Reference: Irma Shauf-Bajar, National Chairperson, GABRIELA USA,


Philippine National Police violently dispersed and arrested 20 people from GABRIELA Women’s Party, Bahaghari, Children’s Resource Center, and Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns while they were commemorating International Pride Month. Ten of the arrested are LGBTQI+ and were calling for free mass testing, non-discriminatory financial assistance for Filipinos affected by the pandemic and respect for rights of LGBTQI+. 


Despite wearing face masks and practicing social distancing, police suddenly arrested the Pride 20 and gave no clear answers on what violation they had committed to warrant their arrest. Four Philippine National Police also manhandled a staff of GABRIELA Partylist and forcibly commandeered a civilian van, telling protesters they would be brought to the District Headquarters. 


The arrests of the Pride 20 come under the intensifying facism and state terror under Duterte’s Anti-Terror Bill. The Anti-Terror Bill vaguely and broadly defines terrorism and gives the Duterte regime dangerous powers to suppress any form of dissent and to violate people’s civil rights. The arrest of the Pride 20 already demonstrates that people’s constitutionally protected rights, such as the people’s right to peacefully assemble will be violently repressed, even as the Anti-Terror Bill has not yet been signed into law. We can only expect that if the Anti Terror Bill becomes law, Duterte’s regime will unleash even more fascist and violent suppression against exploited and oppressed groups, like LGBTQI+ people. 


We condemn the harassment, discrimination and illegal arrest of the Pride 20 at the hands of the Philippine National Police and the Duterte regime. Their actions continue to reflect the military “solutions” given at the expense of the human rights, health and livelihood of the Filipino people. We urge all who are in solidarity with the struggle against state violence, fascism, and U.S. Imperialism and who stand for human rights, LGBTQI+ rights, and the liberation of oppressed peoples to join actions against Duterte’s Anti-Terror Bill.  









The Anti-Terrorism Bill in the Philippines threatens the basic human rights of the Filipino people.

The Anti-Terrorism Bill will criminalize dissent and enables Duterte to enact de facto Martial Law.

Activities considered as “terrorism” include:

  • exercising legitimate free speech as inciting to terrorism
  • posting, writing, sharing, and/or retweeting posts (memes included) related to “terrorist activities” 
  • participating in a rally or any movement that can cause a “serious risk to public safety”
  • donating to or helping relief drives that aren’t recognized by the government
  • damage or alleged damage to government property
  • purchasing or carrying a knife, or anything that can be used as a weapon
  • meet-ups with your friends (under suspicion of plotting against the government)

Under the Anti-Terror Billthe following could happen:

  • Courts can declare groups as terrorists even without notice or hearing
  • Wiretapping for 60 to 90 days
  • Arrests and detention, without warrants, for up to 24 days
  • 12 years to life imprisonment
  • Individuals not eligible for Php 500,000 reparations in damages per day for wrongful detention

“This proposed law would undermine our democracy and either threaten, restrain or discourage the people’s right to organize, criticize the government, protest and demand for a redress of their grievances,” said Atty. Edre Olalia, Chairperson of National Union of People’s Lawyers. They added that the bill, “legalizes red-tagging of organizations on suspicion of engaging in abstrusely termed ‘terrorist acts.'”

GABRIELA USA asserts that dissent is not terrorism and it is well within the rights of the Filipino people to criticize its own government for policies that do not serve the interests and well-being of the people. We call on GABRIELA USA members and supporters to rise up and expose the rotten fascism of the US-backed Duterte regime through political discussion, creative prop, and online and in-person protest actions.

Junk the Anti-Terror Bill Now!


No To ABS-CBN Shutdown!

GABRIELA USA condemns the Duterte administration for shutting down ABS-CBN amid a global pandemic. To silence one of the largest media outlets in the Philippines is to neglect the role of media amid a global health crisis. This is a deliberate attack on press freedom and the public’s right to information.




Working Women Rise From New York City to the Philippines

For Immediate Release

May 2, 2020

Reference: Irma Shauf-Bajar,  Chairperson GABRIELA USA


Working Women Rise From New York City to the Philippines

May 1st – In honor of the historical legacy of International Workers Day and the Haymarket Massacre where workers fought for the 8 hour work week, dozens of virtual participants joined from across the US and from the Philippines in GABRIELA USA and One Billion Rising’s virtual rally to RISE in solidarity for all workers –  health care workers, cruise ship workers, overseas workers, restaurant workers, grocery workers, agricultural workers, domestic workers, and other workers who call for safe working conditions, livelihood, health care, and affordable housing. The virtual action featured speakers directly from the Philippines, Monique Wilson, the Global Director of One Billion Rising and from the frontlines, Cris Hilo, Registered Nurse in New York City and GABRIELA New York Member. Women workers account for more than half of the working class and have played and continue to play an important role in contributing to the struggle of the working class. 

During this historic time of global health crisis under COVID-19, people around the world are beginning to see the failings of an economic system that deprioritizes the health and well-being of the people. The devastating impacts of imperialism are largely felt by the working class, left to fend for themselves with a for-profit healthcare system, under-resourced hospitals, and slow response from government agencies, contributing to high infection and death ratios.  

“We must expose the US and Philippine government’s inept and opportunistic responses to this public health crisis, which have favored market-driven and militarized responses—illustrating that the ultimate crisis is imperialism, which is at the root of the state’s inability to effectively and efficiently respond to the needs of the people,” stated Irma Shauf-Bajar, Chairperson of GABRIELA USA.

Monique Wilson spoke on the situation in the Philippines and similarities to the experience of women from over 200 countries who participate in One Billion Rising’s global movement to end violence against women and girls. Fascist governments like Duterte’s find ways to criminalize community efforts to respond to COVID-19, as in the case of the Marikina 10–a group of community volunteers, including a GABRIELA member, who were arrested while running a soup kitchen on May 1st. “Even when the city’s Mayor had stated that the arrested community volunteers should be released, the Philippine National Police (PNP), did not release them. We know that once one is in custody they can continue to bring trumped up charges against you,” Wilson said. “Despite that, we’re seeing all workers and communities finding ways to continue to express social solidarity and continue to organize and mobilize.”

In the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US, Cris Hilo, who works as a nurse in Brooklyn–one of the hardest hit boroughs–brought the audience to tears. “If we did not continue to organize, we would not have seen a change in getting our equipment,” she said.  Hilo credited community actions in solidarity with the health care workers and stated, “We must continue to build a workers movement. We must continue to fight for a better society.”

GABRIELA USA and One Billion Rising ended the virtual rally by using the art of dance to collectively express solidarity with billions of workers around the world. GABRIELA USA and One Billion Rising called on participants to join organizations like GABRIELA and One Billion Rising to collectively take action, to sign Migrante International’s global petition, to join in future actions for the OUST campaign against the US-Duterte regime, and to support GABRIELA USA’s calls to ensure resources go to healthcare systems in the Philippines and the US, and not towards militarization in the Philippines.