iVOW vs. VAW

Voices of Women to fight Violence Against Women

ivow-logoFor women around the world, the struggle against violence is a stark reality.  More so with Filipino women who grapple with poverty in a feudal patriarchal context.

VAW cartoon

Indeed, the intensifying economic and political crisis in the country is increasing vulnerability of women to gender-based violence.  Gruesome stores of violence committed on women and children have become more common fare in TV, radio, and print media. Most are committed on individual women, but an increasing number involve groups of women in the case of sex trafficking, cybersex, pornography, and prostitution. It is this reason that GABRIELA considers the issue of VAW as its core gender-based campaign.

Violence Against Women is defined as:

  • The use of intimidation, threat, forced or coerced physical, sexual, psychological or emotional abuse against women.
  • This may happen or occur inside the home, in the community, or at the hands of the
    state or government.
  • This is a violation of basic human rights.

YOU can help the fight to end Violence Against Women by making the pledge and VOW to fight VAW today!


1. Invite GABRIELA USA to your organization to educate your members about violence against women (VAW).

3. Organize! Join the GABRIELA USA campaign by attending activities, volunteering, or donating resources.

2. Download and sign this pledge card and take your vow to end VAW through GABRIELA USA’s photo booth, or take a photo of yourself and email to info@gabusa.org. Become a part of a network of VAW advocates and have your photo posted on GABRIELA USA’s website!

3. Spread the word! Take every opportunity to share knowledge and information on the issue.