GABRIELA USA to PNP: Release Cora Agovida and Mickael Tan Bartolome! Drop the Trumped Up Charges! DEFEND THE DEFENDERS!

For Immediate Release

Oct 31, 2019

Contact: Irma Shauf-Bajar, National Chairperson,



Release Cora Agovida and  Mickael Tan Bartolome! Drop the Trumped Up Charges!



As Pilipino American History Month comes to a close in the U.S., alarming news about more heinous attacks on human rights defenders in the Philippines broke the news this morning. GABRIELA USA condemns these ongoing attacks under the Duterte government.

The offices of Bayan Muna Partylist, the National Federation of Sugar Workers (NFSW), and Gabriela in Bacolod, Negros Occidental were simultaneously raided in the dead of the night, along with the private residence of Bayan Muna Partylist’s Romulo Bito-on and his wife Mermalyn. In total, 62 people were arrested and are being branded as “communist rebels”, including 6 minors that the Philippine National Police (PNP) claims they “rescued” during the raid. During the invasion of the offices, state forces were carrying long firearms, which terrified and traumatized young children who were present at Gabriela’s office. 


Several firearms and grenades were reportedly “recovered,” and among those arrested at the Gabriela office was Anne Krueger of the newly established alternative media outfit Paghimutad, which has been covering social issues, including extrajudicial killings and other human rights abuses. 


These raids come on the heels of the illegal arrest of Cora Agovida, the Metro Manila chairperson of Gabriela, and her husband Mickael Tan Bartolome of the urban poor group Kadamay earlier that day. The PNP claims that a .45 caliber pistol and two grenades were seized from their home during the arrest. 

These arrests were conducted right before a three day holiday weekend in the Philippines, clearly a tactic to bar due process since the courts will be closed and legal support for all the victims of the arrests will be delayed. 


Nobody is safe from Duterte’s tyranny. Activists, journalists, progressive legislators, farmers, and even children are all targets of repression. Evidence is planted, legal organizations are branded as communist fronts, and workplaces and homes of civilians are forcefully invaded. This onslaught of intimidation and attacks is a part of the all-out crackdown on human rights defenders and government critics  under Duterte’s Oplan Kapanatagan (Operation Stability). 


As Piipino American History month concludes, let us best celebrate by honoring the Filipino people’s long history of resistance to foreign invasion, occupation, colonial rule, dictatorship, and authoritarianism. This resistance continues under the executive abuse of power by the Duterte government to silence its critics and eliminate our hard-won democracy. Let us call for an end to the state crackdown on those who speak out against tyranny and repression, against extrajudicial killings and abuse of power in the halls of Malacanang.


With the Philippines as the largest recipient of US military aid in the Asia-Pacific region, GABRIELA USA calls on its members and supporters in the US to join us in the campaign to stop the flow of US tax dollars to the Philippine government that are linked to these state-sponsored human rights abuses. 


GABRIELA USA plans to mobilize in actions jointly with BAYAN USA starting on Sunday November 3rd and we urge all organizations and individuals to join us in indignation against the fascist Duterte regime and in solidarity with all human rights defenders in the Philippines!










For Immediate Release

July 23, 2019

Contact: Irma Shauf-Bajar, National Chairperson,




GABRIELA USA condemns the assault and harassment of GABRIELA USA and BAYAN USA members by the hosts and participants of the Mindanao Indigenous Peoples Council of Elders (MIPCEL) Duterte backed tour in the US. Concerned Filipinos and allies disrupted the MIPCEL event in Arlington, Virginia to expose the truth that the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Duterte government are primarily responsible for the mass killings and displacement of Lumad people, and these touring “leaders” are in fact members of the AFP, paramilitary forces, are Lumad sell outs and have become traitors to the Lumad communities they claim to represent.


On July 22nd, 50 concerned Filipinos and allies from around the US participated in the direct action to protest the lies presented by the representatives of the MIPCEL Duterte backed tour. Protesters walked into the event venue with taped mouths and holding signs. The MIPCEL representatives and attendees reacted violently, and physically assaulted several protestors including grabbing two women’s breasts. Protesters removed their taped mouths and chanted “AFP-MIPCEL, STOP LUMAD KILLINGS! SAVE OUR SCHOOLS!” This comes a week after protesters, including GABRIELA members, were aggressively grabbed and physically dragged out of the MIPCEL Duterte backed tour stop at the Los Angeles consulate on July 15th.


GABRIELA USA members have consistently participated in integrations with Lumad communities and the Lumad community schools. Children’s access to education is a human right and an important pillar in any community, especially for the Lumad whose ancestral lands are constantly threatened by the presence of foreign mining corporations, the AFP, and paramilitary groups like ALAMARA who are responsible for the series of deaths of Lumad people and Lumad leaders. It is important for Lumad community schools like Alcadev, MISFI Academy, and the Salugpungan Ta’ Tanu Igkanogon Community Learning Centers to teach literacy to their students, especially as groups like MIPCEL serve as contract negotiators between indigenous tribes and private business, deceiving Lumad into signing away ancestral land.  


GABRIELA USA condemns these attacks on our women who have put their bodies on the line to expose and oppose the MIPCEL as agents of the AFP and traitors to the lumad communities whose schools are occupied and shut down by military forces and by the Duterte government’s Department of Education. We continue to support the Lumad community schools like Alcadev, MISFI Academy, Salugpungan Ta’ Tanu Igkanogon Community Learning Centers, their communities, students, and teachers. 






GABRIELA USA Commemorates Jennifer Laude’s Death Anniversary With Nationwide Screenings of “Call Her Ganda,” Calls On Filipino Americans to Resist Duterte and U.S. Military Occupation


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Contact: Irma Shauf-Bajar, National Chairperson,


GABRIELA USA Commemorates Jennifer Laude’s Death Anniversary With Nationwide Screenings of “Call Her Ganda,” Calls On Filipino Americans to Resist Duterte and U.S. Military Occupation

Community Screening in Los Angeles, California


U.S.A. — On October 11th, the four year anniversary of Jennifer Laude’s death, GABRIELA USA held screenings and discussions of PJ Raval’s documentary, Call Her Ganda, in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Seattle. The screenings were part of GABRIELA USA’s larger campaign: RISE Against Fascism, RESIST Militarization, UNITE for Self-Determination!


Jennifer Laude, 26-year-old Filipina trans woman murdered by US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton in Olongapo, Philippines, drew international attention to the unpopular occupation of the United States military and the epidemic of violence against women in the Philippines.


In the ensuing fight for justice for Jennifer Laude, GABRIELA USA exposes and condemns the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), a military pact that governs the entry and presence of American troops in Philippine territory. As seen in the case of Laude, the VFA works to grant US troops immunity from prosecution under Philippine law, enforce unequal relations between the US and Philippines, trample on Philippine sovereignty, and expand militarization to the detriment of human rights.


“We must rise against fascism, resist militarization, and unite for self-determination, especially in the face of deepening dictatorship under Duterte, whose fascist rule is funded directly by Trump’s pro-war, pro-occupation administration and $184.5 million in U.S. tax dollars,” says Irma Shauf-Bajar, Chairperson of GABRIELA USA. “The mass protests following Jennifer Laude’s brutal death and the high profile attempts by the United States military to circumvent the Philippine legal infrastructure on behalf of her murderer, Pemberton, are a reminder that the Filipino people, including Filipinos in the United States, must continue to fight tyranny, its foreign backers, and vile policies that allow for US occupation like the VFA.”


During the screenings, GABRIELA USA chapters held panel discussions to reflect on the film, Jennifer’s life, and justice for her murder as it relates to the roles the US government and Duterte’s dictatorship play in perpetuating violence in the Philippines.

Community Screening in New York City followed by panel discussion with director, PJ Raval
“It hurts still to think about Jennifer Laude, the rage and thought that she and many other Jennifers aren’t coming back to us,” said Jill Mangaliman, Gabriela Seattle member, after watching Call Her Ganda at the GABRIELA USA community screening. “We remember her murder at the hands of U.S corporal Scott Pemberton, her death which galvanized a movement for justice, for Trans rights, and to end the VFA and all forms of US imperialism in the Philippines. My heart breaks every time i see your face, sister Jennifer, but I remain determined.”
Community Screening in San Francisco

GABRIELA USA will continue to sponsor Call Her Ganda screenings and community forums nationwide to commemorate Jennifer Laude and demand for her justice. We invite our community to join us in fighting for Jennifer.

Upcoming screening includes:

October 17, Washington D.C. with Director, PJ Raval

November 20, Portland, Oregon on Trans Day of Resilience/Remembrance

Filipino American Women Outraged by the Removal of ‘ Comfort Women’ Statue in the Philippines

For Immediate Release

April 30, 2018

Contact: Irma Shauf-Bajar, National Chairperson,


Filipino American Women Outraged by the Removal of ‘ Comfort Women’ Statue in the Philippines


Like a thief in the night, the Philippine government insidiously dismantled and covertly removed a bronze statue facing Manila Bay on Roxas Boulevard, effectively removing one of the rare monuments that symbolized and honored the Filipino WWII “Comfort Women,” affectionately called “Lolas.” More than 400,000 women and girls across the Pacific, from Korea, China, Indonesia, and the Philippines, were forced into sex camps and violently made to serve as sex slaves for the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII.


GABRIELA USA strongly condemns the removal of the “Comfort Woman” statue, a memorial that was established due to the hard-fought struggle of women’s rights advocates, historians, and activists. The Philippine government workers claimed in Kyodo News that the memorial was removed so that pipes could be laid underground and claimed that they would return the monument afterward, which is dubious considering the government did not inform any of the stakeholders of the statue’s removal. And yet, according to the Japanese Embassy in Manila, the Philippine government had notified the embassy of its intention to remove the statue that was erected in December 2017. The embassy had protested the statue and demanded it be taken down since its erection, and Foreign Affairs Secretary, Alan Cayetano, said in The Japan Times: “The Philippines cannot strengthen its relationship with Japan if it keeps inflaming a matter that is considered ‘settled.'” This response from Cayetano is factually false and incorrect on all accounts: to this day, the Japanese government has not sincerely or legally issued an official apology to the “Comfort Women,” and the Lolas of the Philippines never received official reparations for their suffering during WWII.


Below is a testament from a GABRIELA Oakland member, Melissa R. Sipin:


When I visited the moving monument last month in March, I was taken by the statue’s representation of Filipina strength and resilience. The seven-feet bronze sculpture depicted a blindfolded woman in Maria Clara traditional Filipiniana gown in mourning. And yet, standing against the Manila Bay with her head held high, facing the city toward the Japanese Embassy down the road, her strength and resilience was embodied in her fierce stance.


The inscription beneath her read: “This monument is a reminder of the Filipino women who were victims of abuses during the occupation of the Japanese forces from 1942-1945. It took a while before they came out into the open to tell their stories.”


One of those women, the wife of Major Diego Sipin of the joint Philippine-American army in Northern Luzon, was my own paternal grandmother, my adoptive mother. My grandmother and her sister were held against their own wills in a garrison in Agoo, La Union, where the war first broke out in the Philippines on the Lingayen Gulf. My grandmother was held over six months and gave birth in captivity. She unfortunately died with this secret, and I did not learn of her suffering until her funeral, when my grand aunts came forward during the processional and professed what happened to her and their other sister, who also passed away without ever receiving compensation from the Japanese government.


The Philippine government’s removal of the Comfort Woman statue without informing any of the the human rights groups who have fought valiantly to defend the Lolas’ dignity and right to justice, reiterates their complete erasure of what happened to the “Comfort Women” and what happens to countless women during times of war and conflict. Members of GABRIELA USA condemn this violent erasure and constant attack against women and our human rights.




For Immediate Release

March 8, 2018

Contact: Irma Shauf-Bajar, National Chairperson,



On the 110th Anniversary of International Working Women’s Day, GABRIELA USA honors the working women of the world. We recognize the impact and effort of working women who sacrifice daily for their families, their children, and for themselves to survive in a system that continually exploits and oppresses working women of color and TGNC people. In the Philippines’ semi-feudal and semi-colonial society and culture that inherits these ideals, Filipino women are made to exist as secondary. Filipino women are bound twice in a nation struggling for freedom, from the cities to the countryside in the Philippines and abroad, Filipino women are unbound as they commit themselves to the struggle and RISE against fascism, RESIST militarization and UNITE for self-determination.

 It is clear the U.S.-Duterte regime is the enemy of the people, as it upholds the system that continues to deepen the suffering of the Filipino people, women and children. It is macho-fascist President Duterte and imperialist puppeteer U.S. President Trump, whose orders and actions have revealed their insidious anti-women, anti-people policies. We cannot accept a future dictated by the U.S.-Duterte regime and must resist their macho-fascist attacks on the people.

GABRIELA USA recognizes the Amazonas, women freedom fighters, who have rejected the system given and who sacrifice their lives daily to fight and build a society of a new-type. We recognize the OFWs, Overseas Filipino Workers, a majority of whom are Filipino women who sacrifice seeing their families and children grow because they are pushed overseas to survive. We recognize the Filipino women, TGNC people, and those in solidarity who have decided to be on the people’s side of history and answer the call to RISE against fascism, RESIST militarization and UNITE for self-determination.


RISE against fascism, RESIST militarization, UNITE for self-determination

Abante, Babae! Palaban Militante!


Filipino Women Resist President Duterte’s Fascist Regime

For Immediate Release
February 25, 2018
Contact: Irma Shauf-Bajar, National Chairperson,

Filipino Women Resist President Duterte’s Fascist Regime

Today, February 25, 2018 marks the 32nd Anniversary of the EDSA People Power movement and the end of Ferdinand Marcos’s 21 years as president and dictator of the Philippines. Like Marcos, President Duterte has taken the bloody road in an attempt to impose a full dictatorship over the country, which promises more repression and killings on top of the already 14,000 people killed by his regime. GABRIELA USA stands with the Filipino people and the rapidly growing international community who demand for Duterte to stop the killings and never again to dictatorship in the Philippines!

Last week, members of GABRIELA New York and church workers were in General Santos City in Mindanao as part of an international solidarity fact-finding mission delegation. They were observing a psychosocial intervention program implemented by GABRIELA Philippines, where they are currently serving T’boli-Manobo communities who were victims of a massacre allegedly committed by military elements. The delegation was stopped at five Philippine military checkpoints and prevented from completing their scheduled activities due to the confiscation of their passports and being detained at the immigration office. There was no just cause for the detention of the delegation.

“The U.S.-Duterte regime is engaging in tactics to cover up and prevent the public from witnessing the heightened militarization and all-out war against the Filipino people. It is our duty to continue to expose and condemn the Philippine military’s ongoing human rights violations and abuses,” said Irma Shauf-Bajar, Chairperson of GABRIELA USA. “We stand with the Filipino people, our sisters and the international community in resisting militarization and demanding an end to this fascist dictatorship!”

Since U.S. President Donald Trump’s visit to the Philippines in November 2017, state-sanctioned violence against indigenous people, workers, peasants, and human rights defenders has sharply escalated.  GABRIELA USA views this as unsurprising, given that Trump’s visit led to deals which secured U.S.-led foreign domination of the country, including $14.3 million in U.S. military spending for Duterte’s armed forces. At the same time, U.S. military presence in the Philippines is expanding under the U.S. “counter-terror” Operation Pacific Eagle; we expect this to directly contribute to even more politically-motivated killings and repression. It is clearly the U.S.-Duterte regime that continues to attack the most vulnerable and marginalized communities with impunity – violating both the people and the nation’s sovereignty.

On this anniversary of the EDSA People Power Movement, let us continue to Rise, Resist and Unite against the fascist U.S.-Duterte regime. We urge you to join MALAYA: U.S. Movement Against Killings and Dictatorship, and for Democracy in the Philippines. Please sign this  PETITION  to demand to Stop the Killings and prevent a new dictatorship in the Philippines and share it widely.


Filipino American Women Outraged by Duterte’s Misogynistic Remarks and Call for International Solidarity

For Immediate Release

February 12, 2018

Contact: Irma Shauf-Bajar, National Chairperson,


Filipino American Women Outraged by Duterte’s Misogynistic Remarks and Call for International Solidarity


Members of GABRIELA USA denounce President Duterte’s fascist and violent misogynistic order to “shoot female rebels in their vagina.” Duterte said, “If there is no vagina, it would be useless,” implying that women are useless without their genitals. From the beginning of his presidency, Duterte has made several misogynistic comments towards women, including rape jokes which encourage the Armed Forces of the Philippines to commit violence against women and use rape as a tool of war. This is utterly reprehensible and must be condemned.

As GABRIELA USA, we must expose and oppose the U.S. backed fascist Duterte regime, that has killed over 13,000 Filipinos through the so called “war on drugs,” displaced more than 400,000 people in Mindanao because of martial law, and Duterte’s counterinsurgency program, “Oplan Kapayapaan,” that continues to target activists through killings, illegal arrests, and other human rights violations.

Duterte’s macho-fascist comments are violent and dangerous, as it will allow for not only his army but also encourages all men to continue to fuel violence against women. We must recognize that Duterte’s remarks on women stems from the Philippines’ feudal-patriarchal and imperialist structure. Duterte and the ruling class benefit from a system that abuses and exploits the majority of Filipinos, keeping them in poverty. This explains why many Filipinos, including women, join the New People’s Army, to engage in armed struggle for genuine liberation for the Filipino people.

GABRIELA USA calls on our family, friends, community, and allies to join us as we RISE against Duterte’s fascist regime, RESIST militarization of our homeland and bodies, and UNITE against the macho-fascist Duterte regime to oust him from office! We invite our community to join us on February 14th for One Billion Rising, a global campaign to end violence against women and on March 8th to commemorate International Working Women’s Day.


RISE against Fascism! RESIST Militarization! UNITE in solidarity for self determination!

End Violence Against Women Now!

Oust the US-Duterte Regime!



Filipino Women RISE, RESIST, and UNITE Against Fascism on Trump’s Inaugural Anniversary

For Immediate Release

January 22, 2017

Contact: Irma Shauf-Bajar, National Chairperson,


Filipino Women RISE, RESIST, and UNITE
Against Fascism on Trump’s Inaugural Anniversary


On January 20, 2018 GABRIELA USA, member organization of the International Women’s alliance, and their members joined hundreds of thousands of people across the U.S who took to the streets in protest of U.S. President Trump’s first year in office. In contingents representing working women of color joined by their children, families  and allies marched under the banner “RISE against fascism, RESIST militarization, UNITE for self-determination.”

Newly established chapter GABRIELA Oakland and allies at Women’s March Oakland  

GABRIELA USA and our allies united to fight against Trump and his monopoly capitalist administration that has implemented neoliberal policies this past year that have gravely impacted  the working class. We have witnessed attacks and scapegoating of immigrants, Muslims, Black and brown people, women and children. From the U.S. to the Philippines to Palestine and throughout the globe, we are witnessing the ever-worsening crisis of a global imperialist system. Post Trump’s visit in Asia, it is clear that the U.S- Duterte regime is a fascist regime that is attempting to crush the people’s movement, but the People’s resistance is growing and strong despite the repression and many women are rising up!


GABRIELALos Angeles at Women’s March Los Angeles


GABRIELA New York at J20 Rally in Grand Central Station

“We must be in solidarity for justice for working women, trans-women, and families of color who are constantly being attacked, harassed, and displaced from their homes in cities across the U.S., for the indigenous women and families being violently pushed off their land in the U.S., in the Philippines, in occupied Palestine and around the globe due to war and militarization. We must uproot the system that oppresses and exploits us. We must build a  women’s movement that fights for the genuine liberation of all oppressed people.” Irma Shauf-Bajar, Chairperson, GABRIELA USA.

GABRIELA Portland with International League of People’s Struggle at March for Impeachment

As imperialist interests are increasing in its aggression, working-class women and their families have to bear the costs and impacts of a system that profits from the exploitation of the majority. It is our duty to raise the analysis on the issue of violence against women, expanding it beyond a gender issue, and highlighting the economic, political, and cultural aspects by connecting how imperialism perpetuates and worsens violence against women in all its forms.

GABRIELA New Jersey with Anakbayan NJ and International Migrants’ Alliance hold Labor Export Policy Educational Discussion

GABRIELA USA urges all people to join us for One Billion Rising as we continue to carry out our  RISE against fascism, RESIST militarization, UNITE for self-determination campaign on February 14th and on March 8th, International Working Women’s Day.




Filipino Women Against Modern Day Slavery


May 18, 2017
Reference: Irma Shauf-Bajar, GABRIELA USA National Chairperson,

Filipino Women Against Modern Day Slavery

The article written by Alex Tizon regarding the story of Eudocia Pulido and her forced migration and exploitation as a modern day slave in the United States highlights the current conditions of Filipino women. Eudocia Pulido’s story cannot be understood outside of the context of the Philippine society and history rooted in U.S. imperialism and neoliberal economic policies that have caused the systemic suffering of many underpaid domestic helpers like Lola.

The Philippines is one of the largest labor exporters in the world with 6,000 Filipinos—60% women—leaving the country every single day to work, because of rampant poverty, joblessness, and landlessness. Lured to apply for positions that do not exist, promised legal status and wages, and instead becoming undocumented, drowning in debt, and isolated in a foreign country — thousands of OFWs end up working in virtual slavery. Recruiters and employment agencies take advantage of their workers, by charging exorbitant fees and loans and threatening their workers with deportation or physical violence to the workers and their families. Living in fear and with no place to go, many OFWs endure the discrimination, abuse, and exploitation in order to survive.

It is important that we do not whitewash the writer’s parents’ and family’s crimes of slavery, imprisonment, and trafficking. Alex Tizon’s account of Eudocia Pulido’s story does not exonerate him from his family’s complicity in the abuse and exploitation of another human being. And we also must recognize this particular experience is not an isolated one, and stems from the Philippines’ feudal patriarchal and imperialist structure. The commodification and exploitation of generations of Filipina women continues to be an inherent effect of the ever worsening conditions–conditions which will persist and generate many more Eudocia’s until comprehensive and fundamental socio-economic and political changes are made to address the root causes of the country’s poverty.

Members of GABRIELA USA continue to take action and call for an end to the exploitative system in the Philippines and denounce the Philippine government for its neglect of its own people within the country and lack of protection of OFWs abroad. In addition, we uplift the voices of Filipino migrant women to tell their own stories. GABRIELA USA seeks to empower migrant women to know and understand their rights, to fight back against oppression and exploitation, and to participate in the movement for national democracy in the Philippines. If you are moved by Lola’s story we encourage you to join a chapter of GABRIELA USA and join the fight against feudal-patriarchy and the systems of power that allow women like Lola to be forced into exploitation.


Filipinas in the U.S. March on May Day for Protection and Dignity for Immigrants and Workers

For Immediate Release
May 2, 2017
Reference: Irma Shauf-Bajar, National Chairperson,

On May 1, 2017, GABRIELA USA chapters in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New Jersey and New York City mobilized alongside thousands of immigrants and workers to demand safety, dignity and access to basic rights under an anti-immigrant and anti-worker Trump administration. In light of increasing criminalization of immigrants, through the implementation of Trump’s fascist policies of immigration bans and building border walls, GABRIELA USA insists on upholding humane legislation such as sanctuary laws for undocumented immigrants and protection for immigrants in detention and deportation proceedings. At the same time, the alliance of progressive Filipino women’s organizations also upholds the rights of workers in this country and globally–for a living wage, dignity and respect in the workplace, and access to decent jobs.

Filipinas, both immigrants and children of immigrants, marched side by side with other immigrant communities to underscore the significant contributions of immigrants to the U.S. economy today and historically. With placards, banners, and speeches about modern day colonialism and imperialism, members connect the violence of U.S. war and occupation abroad to the trends of migration to the U.S. Trump is calling for a $58 billion increase for the Defense Department dedicating half to military spending, while cutting his federal budget on housing, education, healthcare, women’s reproductive health, and organizations that provide support for domestic violence survivors. Trump and his administration is exposes themselves in not prioritizing low-income women of color, immigrant women workers, trans and gender nonconforming people and our children who will bear the brunt of the harm of these policies.

Filipinos make up one of the largest Asian American immigrant communities in the U.S.–they also make up a formidable number of migrant workers employed in essential industries like healthcare, domestic work, construction, and education. Filipino women are also victims of human trafficking in these industries. GABRIELA women demand and say no to war because women are the victims of crimes promoted by the U.S. wars abroad and at home including murder, rape, harassment and other sexual abuses, and human trafficking. GABRIELA USA has been at the forefront of demanding justice for Filipino immigrants who have been exploited without recourse from the U.S. and Philippine governments.

Representing Filipinos who are working in low-wage industries and also professional sectors, GABRIELA USA members marched for dignified and respectable working conditions. Nationally, members are waging and supporting campaigns on livable wages, wage theft, and an end to human trafficking and forced migration. GABRIELA USA calls our community, families, and our allies to RISE, RESIST, and UNITE: RISE against fascism, RESIST militarization, and UNITE for self-determination and liberation for all oppressed peoples. With the demand to protect and preserve the dignity of immigrants and workers, mass organizations remain committed to organizing in our communities and among the ranks of working women in order to advance the struggles of workers and all the oppressed. On May Day and everyday, GABRIELA USA stands with immigrant communities and workers whose labor, skills, and contributions advance the U.S. economy, allowing society to run and function daily.