Filipino Women Reject Marcos-Duterte “Victory”

For Immediate Release
May 17, 2022

Reference: Pyxie Castillo, Deputy Secretary General GABRIELA USA,


Filipino Women Reject Marcos-Duterte “Victory”


GABRIELA USA stands firm on the rejection of the Marcos-Duterte “Victory” of the 2022 Philippine National Elections. The week following Election Day in the Philippines, Filipino women and the Filipino people have taken to the parliament of the streets to contest and reject the results of the 2022 Philippine National Elections. In the U.S., Filipino women, people and our allies gathered for Vigils for Democracy in the days following Election Day as well as Black Friday Protests to echo the calls of the people in the Philippines. Hundreds attended vigils and protests arounds the United States, in New York City a vigil was held at the NY Philippine Consulate was held for over 24 hours, and in San Francisco vigils for democracy and protests were held in front of the SF Philippine Consulate for 5 consecutive days.


GABRIELA USA joins concerned Filipinos — both voters and non-voters who raise alarm at the blatant voter disenfranchisement in the Philippine National Elections and reject a fraudulent election. Reports throughout the week were consistent with initial reports of issues at voting precincts including but not limited to long lines, ballots fed without receipts given, broken voting machines, pre-shaded ballots, spread of sample ballots with examples filled for Marcos and Duterte, vote buying, red-tagging, and violence. The irregularities on Election day were too frequent to just let it slide as if only by coincidence. Some mainstream coverage of the Philippine election results puts the blame on the Filipino people for being uneducated or forgetful of the atrocities of the Marcos Regime, but we should be clear that it is the systemic problems in the Philippines: Imperialism, Bureaucrat Capitalism, and Feudalism, which allow for the machineries for disinformation utilized by the Marcos family to revise Philippine history to washed the Marcoses clean of their betrayal to the Filipino people.


We reject the Marcos-Duterte so-called “Victory” and the return of the Marcos-Duterte regime. “The return of the Marcos-Duterte Regime does not only signal the return of two fascist regimes, but also the return of two macho-fascist regimes with low regards to women and the working class. The Filipino people have ousted the Marcos regime once, and we can certainly do it again,” said Terrie Cervas, GABRIELA USA Secretary General, “Elections do not decide the future of the Philippines, the future of the Philippines is in the hands of the Filipino People.”


GABRIELA USA vows to continue the fight for democracy and against the return of fascist regimes of Marcos-Duterte. We urge all Filipino people abroad to join the fight for democracy, reject the return of the Marco-Duterte fascist regime, and stay vigilant in the transition and return of Marcos-Duterte. Join an organization and fight for the future of the Filipino people. 


Reject Marcos-Duterte!

Reject the return of the fascist Marcos-Duterte Regime!