The Anti-Terrorism Bill in the Philippines threatens the basic human rights of the Filipino people.

The Anti-Terrorism Bill will criminalize dissent and enables Duterte to enact de facto Martial Law.

Activities considered as “terrorism” include:

  • exercising legitimate free speech as inciting to terrorism
  • posting, writing, sharing, and/or retweeting posts (memes included) related to “terrorist activities” 
  • participating in a rally or any movement that can cause a “serious risk to public safety”
  • donating to or helping relief drives that aren’t recognized by the government
  • damage or alleged damage to government property
  • purchasing or carrying a knife, or anything that can be used as a weapon
  • meet-ups with your friends (under suspicion of plotting against the government)

Under the Anti-Terror Billthe following could happen:

  • Courts can declare groups as terrorists even without notice or hearing
  • Wiretapping for 60 to 90 days
  • Arrests and detention, without warrants, for up to 24 days
  • 12 years to life imprisonment
  • Individuals not eligible for Php 500,000 reparations in damages per day for wrongful detention

“This proposed law would undermine our democracy and either threaten, restrain or discourage the people’s right to organize, criticize the government, protest and demand for a redress of their grievances,” said Atty. Edre Olalia, Chairperson of National Union of People’s Lawyers. They added that the bill, “legalizes red-tagging of organizations on suspicion of engaging in abstrusely termed ‘terrorist acts.'”

GABRIELA USA asserts that dissent is not terrorism and it is well within the rights of the Filipino people to criticize its own government for policies that do not serve the interests and well-being of the people. We call on GABRIELA USA members and supporters to rise up and expose the rotten fascism of the US-backed Duterte regime through political discussion, creative prop, and online and in-person protest actions.

Junk the Anti-Terror Bill Now!