February 12, 2015


Isidro Rodriguez, recruitment agency owner and operator of a large-scale human trafficking scheme, was sighted in Granada, Spain this January by a victim of Rodriguez, who only recently discovered Rodriguez’s status and corrupt history after researching on the Migrante International website.

Since 2003, Rodriguez has victimized at least over 600 Filipino teachers experiencing fraud and abuse, between the Philippines, the United States and now Spain. Despite the placing a hold order against him at the Bureau of Immigrations and placing him on a “watchlist”, Isidro has been  able to freely leave the country with continued impunity.  He remains at large after having been convicted by a Manila regional trial court sentencing him to 11 years in prison for victimizing a Filipino teacher.

He has two existing warrants of arrest against him for illegal recruitment and estafa. Aside from the warrants, he has numerous pending cases of syndicated estafa and large-scale illegal recruitment and trafficking in persons filed in different courts by at least 300 Filipino teachers that he had victimized from 2009-2014. He also has pending complaints against him in US courts by Filipino teachers he has victimized there. Despite the many complaints filed by victims, being placed on a “watchlist” from the BI, Rodriguez continues on with business as usual.

Migrante International is calling for an urgent response from the Philippine Department of Justice and other concerned government agencies in Spain to arrest and extradite Rodriguez now!

Let’s continue to expose the US-Aquino regime in its continued quest to exploit the Filipino people. We have outlined a social media blitz below to prop the issue and call for Isidro’s immediate extradition and PNoy’s resignation as the chief trafficker of the Philippines.  We must expose the US-Aquino regime in its continued quest to exploit the Filipino people.

Action Plan:

As a response, please utilize all social media outlets and prop the image we have supplied with the following hashtags: