(2) 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence: Family Photo Challenge

IDEVAW, or the International Day to End Violence Against Women (11/25), is the beginning of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign ,which lasts until International Human Rights Day (12/10).  Each day for the next two and half weeks, GABRIELA-USA organizations will do a series of workshops, arts activities, and reporting from our communities which increase awareness around violence against women (VAW).  www.firenyc.org , as a member of GABRIELA-USA, will be full of  new stories carrying the voices of our community, and we challenge those of you reading this site to join us – to vow to end VAW.

Instructions for the IDEVAW Family photo challenge:
1) make a pledge poster!  It can say:
“The ______ Family of  _______(City/town) vows to end VAW!”  or
“The ______ Family vows to end violence against women!” or
simply,  ”The ________ Family”

2) take a group photo with your family holding the poster; tell them it’s part of our 16 DAY IDEVAW campaign

3) Submit your photos to us:  fire.nyc@gmail.com


If you don’t have access to a sign, a photo of you and your family with their left fist raised should suffice, and we’ll caption it for you!  We’d love to include you and your family in this post, to be published on all websites during the first week of December!