Filipino-American Women Send A Mother’s Day Message: Elect Liza Maza & GWP!

For Immediate Release
May 6, 2010

Contact: Raquel Redondiez, Vice Chairperson, GABRIELA USA,

Filipino-American Women Send A Mother’s Day Message: Elect Liza Maza & GWP!

Gabrielas in the U.S. Call On Their Motherland For A Clean and Honest Elections & To Vote For Progressive Women’s Partylist & Candidates

With less than a week before citizens of the Philippines cast their votes for the 2010 elections, Filipino-American mothers and daughters show their support for a partylist that has upheld and fought for the rights of women, children, and migrants – the Gabriela Women’s Party (GWP). Members of GABRIELA USA put together a commercial, featuring a diverse cast of women: mothers, students, workers, community advocates and queer women, all pledging their support for GWP and its Senatorial candidate, Liza Maza.

“As Filipino-Americans, it’s important to us mothers and daughters that those who sit in government positions truly have the interest of the people in mind. Liza Maza and GWP have proven this with their history of creating breakthrough legislation that protect women and children and survivors of violence, and also co-authoring the bill allowing for overseas absentee voting. This is why this Mother’s Day weekend, we support GWP and Liza Maza,” says Raquel Redondiez, Chairperson of GABRIELA USA. “It is our hope that the commercial reaches our kababayans abroad and in the Philippines, and elect Liza Maza and the Gabriela Women’s Party.”

The commercial, uploaded onto Youtube, presents a multigenerational cast of women with diverse interests and issues. Donning “Maza ako” shirts, the women urge viewers to vote for senatorial candidate Liza Maza, and Gabriela Women’s Party. Although a number of the cast members cannot vote in the current elections themselves, it does not mean that they do not have a concern about its process or its outcome. Members of GABRIELA USA are calling and texting their friends, relatives, and kababayans in the Philippines on Mother’s Day to urge them to vote for GWP and Liza Maza, and are steadfast in ensuring a clean and honest election process.

To view the commercial, please visit[youtube=].